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Standalone romance with a HEA

It’s my last month in Australia before I head back home to Los Angeles, so I go on a nerdy Blue Mountains trip all by myself.

I just didn’t expect to fall and bump my head, and get amnesia on top of everything else.

When a tall, dark, handsome, and very angry man takes me back to his cabin, I can’t help being drawn to him.

I may not remember my own name, but this is one rude rescuer I’m definitely going to remember.

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About Leslie Johnson

Leslie is the author of the brand new Romantic Suspense Series, Badass with Elle Dawson. She loves hard bodied men in uniform. With plenty of sexiness, her men are alpha males, but that doesn’t mean her women are pushovers. On the contrary, they can even be more alpha!

Leslie is a California native but recently moved to Arizona after a stint in Arkansas.

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