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Complete Novel, No Cliffhangers!

“If I could rewrite my story, I wouldn’t. Not if it meant you wouldn’t be in it exactly as you are.”

Fresh off her bone chilling adventure, Mia just wants to spend time with Jax and the family she’s never known. But she’s still haunted by her mother’s death. So many questions. So many doubts. Can her mother’s journal bring her closure?

When she opens its leather bound pages, she steps into 1970 Russia. Her mother’s world. Where a young prodigy cellist is caught in the seductive and deadly web of espionage.

If you loved Mia and Jax in Badass: Deadly Target, you’ll adore the continuation of their love story in this first installment of Badass: Deadly Seduction, a romantic, historical suspense that will make you re-think everything you thought you knew about love.

While it isn’t necessary that you read Badass: Deadly Target first, you may enjoy a richer experience with this series after doing so.

About Leslie Johnson

Leslie is the author of the brand new Romantic Suspense Series, Badass with Elle Dawson. She loves hard bodied men in uniform. With plenty of sexiness, her men are alpha males, but that doesn’t mean her women are pushovers. On the contrary, they can even be more alpha!

Leslie is a California native but recently moved to Arizona after a stint in Arkansas.

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