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Badass – Collision Course

Collision Course is Book One of the Badass Series. Please read Badass—The Prequel first.

Badboy Billionaire Link Duffy is a man now. Making his own decisions and choosing his own path. An elite Delta Force warrior, his only commitment is to his country and his team. Everyone else be damned … especially women.

In a small East Tennessee town, Grace Johnson is on a mission for herself. They say ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’. Well, yeah, screw that. She’s making her own decisions and choosing her own path. Everyone else be damned … especially men.

Two lives.

Two worlds.

As different as night and day.

But fate has spoken and they’re on a collision course. But be warned. When two worlds collide, you better bring a broom.


Grindingly emotional. ~ Lynn Reads

This book reminds me how lucky I am to sit in my comfortable house while soldiers here and around the world put … ~ Helen

A deep touching story that gets your emotions flowing!!! ~ Rose

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