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Badass – Hidden Danger

When you’re dead, living is easy. When you’re playing dead, it’s a lot more complicated.

Link and Grace survive the initial onslaught. But by who? And why?

A jealous ex-husband doesn’t have this kind of power. Of course, obsession has very strange bedfellows. And Link’s a ghost. Aren’t ghosts supposed to already be dead?

Destiny brought them together. Fate joined their hands. Love would be their ultimate weapon … if the world played fair. But it doesn’t. Not even close. So where do they go, where do they hide, how do they stay together when there are hidden dangers around every corner?

Destinies Collide is the third novella in the Badass series, a hot billionaire military romance.



Wow. I had to read the book twice. I was laughing so hard I missed a lot of things so I had to go back and reread. This novella is by far the best of the series. Link and Grace are at this time so comfortable with themselves, it makes their lives so comfortable even though they are going through hell. ~ Trollhair

Wow, another great page turner from the Badass series. I can say it’s one of the few times that I took time on my breaks and lunch at work to read. ~ A. Lowe

I laughed so much in this book that my husband finally stopped asking what I was laughing at. Grace is a hoot, and she goes through the same things we do, but you never read about it, in this book you do, nothing is off limits. ~ Tabatha Roberts

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