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Badass – Redemption

Sometimes your past comes back to haunt you. Other times, it comes back to save you … if you let it.

With Grace tucked into the safety of the East Tennessee mountains, Link soon realizes he’s made a terrible, perhaps fatal, mistake. The enemy’s reach is wide and it’s brutally cruel. They are targets to be eliminated. Nothing more. Nothing less.

The time for running has ended. Now, it’s time to fight.

Fight for the past. Fight for the future. Fight for a redemption that seems less and less possible.

What surprises lay in store for them in Badass – Redemption? Find out in the exciting conclusion to the Badass Billionaire Military Romance from Leslie Johnson and Elle Dawson.


Leslie Johnson and Ellie Dawson have definitely blown me away with this series. This is one incredible writing duo and I hope to see more from them in the future. ~ Carrie Renteria

Redemption is the finale of the Badass series by Leslie Johnson and Elle Dawson. This amazing series is filled with suspense, as well as strong believable characters that capture your heart and does not let go. There were many twist and turns in the plot, making me burn through the pages of this series. ~Shelley Haase

Leslie Johnson wrote a story that is heartbreakingly beautiful and gives the reader a glimpse of the struggles our soldiers have endured to keep us living in the land of free. To all our soldiers…Thank You ~ Jersey Girl 

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