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Everything to Live For

A stand alone novella

My shrink says it’s not my fault, but he’s wrong. I didn’t kill my best friend, but I might as well have. I cancelled my plans with her… for a boy! She died. I didn’t. The end.

Or so I wished.

Julie was ready for college, her career path firmly in place. She had a loving family and the most wonderful of friends. Everything was perfect until the day it wasn’t. She relives that day again and again.

Guilt is a life sentence. Shame the cell walls. Isolation the bread and water we force upon ourselves. When Julie takes a timid step from her self-imposed prison, she has a moment of hope, then tragedy attempts to strike once again.

This time… maybe… Julia can save them all.

A deep and emotional coming of age story by Leslie Johnson and J Griffin

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This was a wonderful read. I can’t believe it’s a short story. It was very deep. I loved the fact that I was well written and concise. ~ Novel Reader

Beautiful read. This novella sure hit the mark on my heart and left me needing more of Julie and Lewis’ story. ~ Kendra

Thought-provoking and tender. This is a story that touches on just how devastating survivor’s guilt can be…for every one of us, not just the young people in this case. ~ Robin C

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