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Jungle Fever (Book 2)

After a beautiful night together, Tate and Camille go their separate ways. It’s the story of their lives. He’s one place. She’s somewhere else. But they enjoyed each other and part as dear friends.

Fate can be wicked bitch and Camille is taken, the breath of the devil making her easy prey.

It’s a nightmare come true and it couldn’t have happened in a more dangerous place.

The jungle.

Where everything, and everyone, is hungry, and money is everything and nothing.

Badass: Jungle Fever Book Two is the newest novella of the sizzling Badass series from best-selling authors Leslie Johnson and Elle Dawson. You may want to read Badass: The Complete Series first to better understand the history of Tate and Camille before beginning Jungle Fever.


Love love love this book. A continuation of the Badass series moving on to Tate and Camille. So excited to see where this journey will go. ~ Takaya Watson

loved the continuing stories in the badass series. Jungle fever will keep you on your toes. I love the story of Camille and Tate and look forward to more adventures ~ Amazon Customer


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