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Love, Lies, Deceit – Vol. 2

Janice thought she could handle her new assignment. Manipulating Tony’s confession should have been easy. A little kiss here, a flirty squeeze there. The plan was perfect. She’d get her life back and Tony would pay for his crimes.

Now she’s alone. Vulnerable. Afraid. Listening to talk of her and her lover’s demise. She doesn’t seem so smart now. In fact, she can’t believe she was so stupid to fall for a love covered in deceit and lies.

Part two of this romantic suspense has the two lovers fighting for their lives… and each other.


Gangs, Drugs, Revenge. Love conquers it all. ~ Karen

An Absolutely Must Read ~ Takaya Watson

It’s an emotional roller-coaster ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat but this book and the entire series both volumes are definitely worth reading! loved the first book, fell in love even more with the second. ~ Carrie Renteria

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