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Beneath the Lights


There’s something to be said about the sweet taste of freedom that comes with adulthood. Nothing enhances that sensation like moving away from Podunkville, Kentucky. I had to get away; there weren’t any opportunities that would afford me the life of luxury I’d worked so hard for. My parents didn’t approve of my ambitions — taking the world by storm with my degree in Fine Arts. I’m only twenty-one years old, but now the New York City skyline is my personal stage. I had to take the leap, as scary as it was. A girl’s gotta chase her dreams, right? My luck can’t get any better than living beneath the lights.


New freakin’ York. What’s so exciting about this city of concrete and steel? When Strong Enterprises, hits the ground running, I’ll be on the first flight back to Malibu. The cool ocean breeze is calling my name. What the hell? As my car collides with a young woman who stumbles into traffic, I know my luck couldn’t get any worse. That is, until my eyes fall upon her broken form and I’m immediately consumed with her beauty.

New York may have its drawbacks, but Beneath the Lights is where true love hides.

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