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Resisting Him

Lover, Best friend, Obsession?

It’s hard to believe seven years have passed. I’ve moved on with my life and I can’t wait to return home for good. The home where seven-years earlier I met my best friend and former lover Marcus Johnson.

How was I to know our parents had other plans?

Even with a new boyfriend, and all the time apart, there is always one lingering thought.



The more I try to forget him, the stronger my desire becomes. We had to breakup, but did we want to? Now my life will be even more complicated with Marcus so near.


Hunter Cox is the hottest guy in our university campus. Everyone there has filthy fantasies about him.

So do I, but I can’t actually admit to having them.

Because he pays me to tutor him.

When he stays over at my house one night, I can’t help sneaking downstairs to take a peek at him.

But what happens next goes beyond anything I could have imagined.

The Musician

Nicholas Spencer has a weakness for redheads. Older redheads, to be precise. Ever since the day he first laid eyes on his high school music teacher. He’s been chasing after redheads and bedding them ever since.

Then one day gorgeous blonde Fiona Ward tricks him into chasing after her . Itching for a new sexy look, she dons a red wig and heads out. When she catches the virtuoso’s lustful gaze, she has no idea it’s because of her “red hair.” She believes it’s mutual attraction.

She has no idea what she’s getting herself into, and either does he.


It’s my last month in Australia before I head back home to Los Angeles, so I go on a nerdy Blue Mountains trip all by myself.

I just didn’t expect to fall and bump my head, and get amnesia on top of everything else.

When a tall, dark, handsome, and very angry man takes me back to his cabin, I can’t help being drawn to him.

I may not remember my own name, but this is one rude rescuer I’m definitely going to remember.

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