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The Matchmaker (Book Five)

Will Yolanda ever find love?

Believing whole-heartedly in the family curse that Castillo women would never find love, professional matchmaker Yolanda enters her new relationship with David with trepidation, but he’s determined to win her over, even if it means making a match of his own so she’ll trust his instincts, and he’s got the perfect people in mind.

Newly divorced, Tricia Bowman is struggling to get her one-woman cleaning company off the ground and make it as a single woman. When an acquaintance hooks her up with a new job, the last thing she expects is to come face-to-face with one of the most sought after Hollywood actors, and he’s everything she’s come to expect from the rich and famous. Arrogant. Manipulative. Obnoxious.

American heartthrob Stan Larkin has grown jaded with romance, but when his new cleaner turns out to be gorgeous, he can’t help but flirt. When she shut him down cold, he’s found a challenge that he can’t let go, but the more he chips at the beautiful woman, the more he realizes he might be losing his own heart to her.

Tricia isn’t willing to get hurt again, but when she learns about the man behind the fame, she might just find her happily ever after.

This is a standalone read, but make sure you read all of The Matchmaker series to follow all of the matches and find out if Yolanda can ever find love..

Makes a great gift as well!

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Buy The Matchmaker (Book Five)