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The Matchmaker (Book Six)

Hunter Dawes has always been up for an adventure. Now that his divorce is finalized and a major business project is approved, he is more than ready for a vacation. Sasha, a cancer survivor, has spent the past year raising money for cancer patients and maintaining a blog for support, but she can’t seem to take her own advice. Hunter is more than happy to show her just what she could do with her second chance at life, but neither are willing to take the final step with each other.

Yolanda, matchmaker extraordinaire, had never conducted a double-blind experiment, but she’s helpless against a matchmaking grandmother. Now she’ll have to work her wiles to get two lovebirds to trust each other, and trust in love, without revealing her motives.

It’ll either lead to a happily ever after or the worst disaster of her career.

No cliffhangers, a standalone read!

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Buy The Matchmaker (Book Six)