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She’s the wind. He’s the fire.

Discover a tantalizing tale of passion, secrets, and suspense in Leslie Johnson’s electrifying new novel, Ashes. This book, a spin-off from the much-loved Stoking the Embers series, delivers an even more intoxicating mix of romance and thrill.

Beth and Gage are undeniably drawn to each other, their connection palpable and irresistible. But as old demons from Beth’s past resurface at the most inconvenient times, their budding romance is thrown into jeopardy. Gage, driven by a protective instinct, yearns to help, but fiercely independent Beth pushes him away. Can their love survive this rocky beginning?

As a shocking incident pushes them into each other’s arms, their mutual attraction threatens to engulf them. Despite the burning desire, they both struggle to maintain their firm footing in the friend zone. Their resolve is tested further when terror strikes again, leaving them isolated and forced to confront their feelings.

Beth, haunted by her past and a horrifying incident at a club, finds herself grappling with a mystery that she feels compelled to solve. As she embarks on this journey, the usually unshakeable Gage is at her side, eager to help her heal and navigate through the pain, disillusionment, and uncertainty.

In a world where people are seldom who they appear to be, Beth and Gage must confront their deepest fears and darkest secrets. Ashes is a compelling narrative that ignites an irresistible blend of romance, suspense, and emotional exploration. It’s a book that’ll leave readers gasping for breath and aching for more.

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