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Kindling the Blaze

Francine is at a crossroads, her life hasn’t gone the way she planned.

She was supposed to be back in the states after a one year teaching tour in Poland, but her beloved Oma had other ideas.

Now, she’s setting up house in Germany, in the little apartment she loved as a child. She’s met new friends, is planning her next adventure and may be falling for the gorgeous firefighter, Erich Klein.

Francine’s learning to roll with the punches, to enjoy life as it comes her way. She’s grateful for this important lesson, but has it come too late? Will her newfound joy come crashing to the ground?

*Kindling the Blaze is a stand-alone novella that intertwines the lives of best friends Cassie and Francine. Although you can read this book on its own, you may enjoy reading Cassie’s adventures first in Fanning the Flames.*

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Buy Kindling the Blaze