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Rebecca's Gift

One fateful day. One horrific act. A life lived in fear and regret.

Beautiful and wealthy", Rebecca has the perfect life. She’s happy. Hopeful. Until the wolf comes knocking at her door.

Now the pawn in a rich man’s game", she’s a prisoner in her lavish home. Inside those icy walls lurk dark secrets. Insidious transgressions. An existence rife with treachery and blackmail and danger.

Although she plays her role to perfection", she walks the thin line of her husband’s rule. When a stroke of luck opens the door to freedom", can she find the strength to step through? And is it too much to hope for love to be waiting on the other side?

Rebecca’s Gift is dark and delves into the rawness of life at its worst. If you are sensitive to violence", be warned.

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Buy Rebecca's Gift