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The Matchmaker (Book Seven)

Frustrated that her new boyfriend is busy with work, Yolanda is trying to be patient while they struggle to find time to spend together. She has plenty of work to keep her busy, but it’s the chance meeting of two people that distracts her, and causes her to act before two people lose their chance at their Ever After.

Sue Canterbury is still reeling from her husband’s death and betrayal. Between her children’s sullen actions and the mounting bills, she’s struggling to keep her head above water. When her husband’s friend, Kirk, steps in to help out, she discovers that some needs she thought were long dead are awakening.

Kirk Kennedy makes his life as a divorce attorney. He understands first-hand how toxic relationships can be, and his guilt is growing at wanting his friend’s wife, but he can’t stay away when it’s clear that Sue needs him more than ever. As the time they spend together grows, she makes it clear that she wants to explore the passion between them, but Kirk wants more than just a few nights with her.

He wants to prove to her that she deserves real love, and he’ll have to rely on his complete opposite, a matchmaker, to help him.

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Buy The Matchmaker (Book Seven)